Top 13 Inspirational Website "White Design"

White color can be interpreted as a symbol of elegance, minimalist and stylish. Websites with white colored layout has a simple impression, looks more neat and clean. There are many web designers use white as the color of their main website. Today, I would like to share 13 inspiring website which has "White Design". Here are 13 websites that can inspire us in web design.
Check this out!

#1 Kiosk

#2 Auxiliary Design Company

#3 Merci

#4 Typeplus

#5 Best Before

#6 AD 60

#7 Pocari Sweat Indonesia

#8 Clogg Solutions

#9 Gareth Hughes

#10 Perky Bros LLC

#11 Meta Maniera

#12 Arnaud Beelen

#13 Pixel Mind

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defegacious said...

suka yang ini,
tapi kok nggak bisa di download ya themenya ;(

Ahmad Fikry said...

Kan bisa pake firebug :))

Sandeep Mathur said...

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Web design in Delhi said...

White colors of design gives actual impressive look at your website. There are best design available for user friendly look. Many of the customers want to make website designing in white colors because it provide attractive look.

bella Angel said...

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Whitechek IT Services said...

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clifford gibson said...

Good design we can used these website for displaying our mobile app development and apps for users. thank you for this list keep posting such content on blogs for us.

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